About The founder

Canila D. Gist

She is the proud founder of Your Story Matters Consultant LLC. Meet this energetic soul who is striving to help millions like her. Canila grew up in poverty with a single mother who stayed with different relatives at a young age & The Salvation Army, difficulties learning because of her longing for her parents to stay married. Furthermore, Canila teacher told her mom “She will never attend college."Canila lost her Father during her early teenage years. Shortly, for three months she was molested.  Most importantly, she had a God family who pushed her beyond the best version of herself when it came to education. 

 Despite her traumatic experiences, she still had a glow-getter attitude and people were amazed at how far she came. However, People navigated towards her to express their problems or any pieces of advice she can give while dealing with her own hurts. Throughout her early adult years, she turned to sex, drugs, alcohol until one day a minister came to her. She was headed towards a new journey of healing, forgiving, and rediscovering her voice. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology 2020.

. Canila Gist, 1x Best Selling Co-Author, International Motivational Speaker, Brand Ambassador, Consultant, and Hostess. Upward Bound Awards at Winston-Salem State University. Participated numerous years in The National Black Theater Festival with celebrities. Shortly, after 8 Months she’s featured over 200 affiliates, TMZ, Sheen, Fox 43, The Los Angeles Tribune, BillBoards, Magazines, etc. She is known as relatable, passionate, motivating and shares her uplifting journey to audiences worldwide on how you have the power to rewrite your story! She’s expecting to inspire millions of people like her who have faced life traumatic experiences and educated them on how they can become BRILLIANT while walking in their gifts, this serial entrepreneur is a goal-getter for Christ, Faith Entrepreneur, who’s in fact authentically impacting people lives instantly! With over 10 years of motivating people of different ages in her community, she’s helped others Heal, Forgive and  Rediscover their voice. She has leverage by giving her clients valuable strategies to enhance their purpose, modernized story, all while using her talents to successfully build a brand of Your Story Matters. If you are looking for a down-to-earth, emerging leader with a heart to captivate your audience; then you need to connect with Canila. 

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